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Anastasiia Gerasimova is an architect and researcher. She has studied and worked in Russia. During her master study, she went on exchange to TU Vienna with Erasmus Mundus Scholarship, where her mentor was William Alsop.

At The Berlage Centre for Advanced Studies in Architecture and Urban Design, she began her on-going research about the culture and aesthetics of the banya, the traditional Russian steam bath.

After the Berlage Institute, she has also been working at “Studio Makkink and Bey” in Rotterdam on various assignments from interior design, product design, architecture, landscape, curatorship, exhibition design to the craftsmanship.

Right now Anastasiia Gerasimova is teaching at the School of Form, SWPS in Poland, USPTU in Russia and holding an independent practice.


09.2014- 01.2016                              The Berlage Center for Advanced Studies
                                                                 in Architecture and Urban Design

10.2012-02.2013                                TU Wien Architecture and Planning
                                                                (Erasmus Mundus scholarship)

09.2007-06.2013                             USPTU (Ufa State Petroleum Technological University)
                                                                Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering    

Additional education:

-  ‘12 Acts of Demolition’ The Berlage’s theory master class is led by OMA partner Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli and associates Stephan Petermann and Janna Bystrykh, OMA, Rotterdam, 2015
- ‘Architecture without Architects… Architects without Architecture?’ The Berlage’s design masterclass, Ben van Berkel, Christian Veddeler, UNStudio, Amsterdam, 2014
- ‘Loose operations’ by Architectural Association Visiting School, Strelka Institute, Moscow, 2013
- ‘Ufa: look in the future’ workshop from Urbam Bairam forum in Ufa, connected with ISOCARP and RUPA, 2013
- ‘Do tank: changing tomorrow by intervening today’ by Tomorrow Lab, Change Administration and Partizaning, Strelka Institute, Moscow, 2012
- ‘The design of Natural Science’ by Marcel Schmalgemeijer and Marielle Tolenaar, Strelka Institute, Moscow, 2011

- School of Art 2, Ufa, Russia, 2001-2005

Work experience:

  • from 03.2018

  • Lecturer

School of Form, Uniwersytet SWPS
ul. Głogowska 18, MTP, hala nr 1,
60-734 Poznań, Poland
+48 61 869 20 25,

  • from 01.2019

  • Thesis adviser

USPTU (Ufa State Petroleum Technological University)
Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering
Ulitsa Mendeleyeva, 195, Ufa, Russian Federation
+7 (347) 228-29-00,

  • from 04.2016 to 02.2018

  • Architect

Studio Makkink&Bey, 3029 AJ, Marconistraat 85,
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
+31 10 4258792,
Leading Designers: Rianne Makkink, Jurgen Bey

  • 2016, 2019 (short collaborations)

  • Freelancer Architect

‘DROM’ Architectural bureau
Delftseplein 36, unit 1.04, 3013AA Rotterdam
+31 6 17012676, 

  • from 07.2013 to 07.2014

  • Junior Architect

‘Prospekt’ Architectural bureau, 450015, Republic
Bashkortostan, Ufa, Karl Marx Street, 60/1
+7(987) 4794096,
Leading Architect: Alexander Safarov

  • from 06.2011 to 06.2012

  • Intern Architect

‘A4’ Architectural bureau, 460014, Republic
Bashkortostan, Ufa, Mingajeva Street, 109/1
+7(917) 4158212,
Leading Architect: Dmitrii Mavrodiev